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There's boring, primitive, undistinguished, and ordinary. Then there's Coventry House Publishing.


Our publishing house is rare because we choose to be...



Publishers and literary agents are often taught from day one to seek out as many authors as possible. But at Coventry House, we think less is more. We intentionally work with only a select group of authors for whom we can create a tremendous impact. The result is quality, meaningful work that makes our readers happy.


As of August 2018, Coventry House Publishing has forty-three titles in our catalog and twenty-two authors representing our company. Since our inception in 2012, we've sold over 80,000 books worldwide, including seven Amazon best sellers and two award-winning non-fiction titles.




We built our firm using the most innovative technologies available to publish each of our titles in high-definition digital and paperback formats. As an author you can rest assured that your content is being delivered as efficiently and effectively as possible, and as a reader you can enjoy simultaneous access to our titles across multiple platforms.



We're proud to announce that Alex Staniforth (Icefall) won the Bronze Award at the Readers' Favorite 2016 Int'l Book Contest. In 2015, Jake Anderson (Relapse) won the Silver Award and Madison Hildebrand (Activate Your Passion) was a Finalist. At the Plutus Awards, Melanie Lockert (Dear Debt) and Stefanie O'Connell (Broke and Beautiful Life) were each Finalists.